Vembu is constantly evolving in a rapid phase in setting a strong foothold in the Backup and Disaster recovery industry. Vembu’s flagship offering Vembu BDR Suite is tailored to meet the data protection needs of the small and medium businesses and empowers them with top-notch features for Business Continuity and High Availability.

Have a glimpse of the Vembu BDR Suite of Products categorised based on different IT environments.

Virtual Environment

Vembu VMBackup protects the business critical servers that are running on VMware and Hyper-V environment. Vembu VMBackup is offered via two editions: Standard and Enterprise, and also provides up to 50% discount for businesses having up to 6 CPU-sockets. VMBackup provides multiple features for backup configurations and recovery options to ensure business continuity. Users can even establish a 3-2-1 backup strategy with Vembu Tape Backup for VMware and Hyper-V servers.

Vembu ImageBackup

Vembu ImageBackup protects the physical Windows servers and endpoints and ensures business continuity for Windows IT environment. All Windows Desktops/Laptops backups are free forever. Users may also opt Vembu Tape Backup as secondary backups.

Vembu NetworkBackup

Vembu Networkbackup is designed to backup files, folders, and applications on Windows, Linux and Mac, that are critical to businesses.

Vembu OnlineBackup

Vembu OnlineBackup is a reliable & flexible cloud solution to backup files/folders and MS-applications on Windows, Linux and Mac. The backup data is stored on Vembu cloud and can be restored from anywhere at anytime.

Vembu SaaSBackup

Vembu SaaSBackup lets you backup the Office 365 and Google Apps contents like Mails, Calendars, Contacts and OneDrive and then stores them on Vembu cloud.

Vembu OffsiteDR

Vembu OffsiteDR, caters to the Disaster Recovery needs of businesses. It provides extended data protection to your critical business data by replicating from production site to offsite data centre, to safeguard your business during unexpected disasters.

Vembu CloudDR

Vembu CloudDR ties together your Business Continuity plan by replicating all your backup to Cloud hosted in AWS. This reduces the cost of setting up an expensive offsite-infrastructure for DR purposes.

Centralized Monitoring Tool

Vembu BDR360 is a monitoring tool that helps in managing the overall backups configured with an efficient report generation process, thus providing an end to end visibility.

Vembu BDR Suite – Free edition

Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition is suitable for both virtual environments like VMware, Hyper-V and also for physical environments. It is free forever. The free version does not have major restrictions and can perform full image backup and recovery of both physical and virtual machines, granular recovery of files, folders and applications.

Free Products offered by Vembu are as follows:

Free VMware Backup

Free Hyper-V Backup

Free Windows Server Backup

Free Windows Workstations Backup

Free File Backup for Workstations

Free Vembu Universal Explorer

Free Vembu Recovery CD

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